This Wall Intentionally Left Blank

This Wall Intentionally Left Blank

Tagging is a curse for many building owners.  The City Council’s Graffiti Programme responds to around 1200 incidents of tagging a month and painting over this graffiti costs greater Wellington ratepayers over half a million dollars every year.

One way to combat graffiti attacks is to commission a local  street artist or muralist.

Many building owners are surprised that there are many qualified artists who will paint something colorful and beautiful on their building for a similar price to what  a professional painting company would charge  to paint the wall grey (or any other color). Many artists are reactive to the situation and the history of the structure they are painting on and happy to produce work in consultation with the building’s owner. A site-specific work can be an aid in branding your building or business and even adding value. Instead of just a street number its now the building with the giant elephant painted on it!

A wall covered in art deprives the tagger of a blank canvas. A good piece of street art  will enhance the surrounding area and  local people will come to respect and protect it. There are coatings which can be applied once a painting has been finished and if the wall is tagged the paint can be removed for some time afterwards using rags soaked in solvent. Many artists (or their supporters) will also voluntarily repair any damage to their work

We’re always on the look-out for fresh walls that artists can paint. We don’t want to paint over any existing street art  in the city. But we’re happy to paint over unsanctioned tagging/graffiti.

So if you have a  ‘problem wall’ or just a  wall you’d like to see beautifully painted  please get in touch with us!

The condition of the surface of the wall will of course be a factor in the cost of painting it and access for cherry pickers/scissor-lifts is also important.