Public Art Board


Do you paint pictures with brushes? spray cans? Would you like to see your work on public display somewhere? Maybe you’d even like to sell it?

Vivid Wellington in partnership with Phantom Billstickers is organising a new kind of temporary arts trail down Cuba Street and Courtenay Place. Unlike like most public art this will actually be offered for sale.

We’re looking for ten local artists to paint whatever they want on an A1 sized piece of plywood and Phantom will screw it into one of their picture frames on the street for a week.

We would like to price all of the works at $500 each.

If a works sells the artist will get 70% with the remaining 30% going towards costs.

How will it work?

1) Email with a sample of your artwork by Friday December 9th, 2016. Vivid will assemble a panel to look at the artists and their submissions and pick ten for the project.

2) The ten chosen artists will pick up an A1 sized piece of board from Phantoms Office at 4 Tennyson St, Wellington 6011 (Phone 04 382 9199)

3) The artists will paint whatever they want on the boards and return them to the Phantom Office by Monday, 20 th February 2017.

4) The boards will be screwed inside the frames between Sunday 26th of February and Sunday 5 th of March. Each one will have a sticker on with the artists name, the price and a contact email address/phone number for a Vivid representative to facilitate any sales.

5) Vivid will promote the trail on its website and social media as will Phantom and the artists themselves. We would expect that some boards might even sell as soon as they are posted on the internet.

Whatever the result it’s going to great for the artist’s profile!

6) At the end of the week any unsold boards will be returned to the Phantom office where they can be picked up by the artist. Vivid will make sure that any boards which have been sold reach the purchaser and the money reaches the artist.

Note – When we say you can paint anything at all we mean anything not offensive to the general public. So no swastika’s, nipples or genitals please!

Vivid and Phantom will not be responsible for any boards which are damaged or stolen. Phantom use special screws which are hard to remove but the theft or damage of public artwork is always a risk.