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Onyx Karati (Maniapoto) has been exploring graffiti since flipping through Hip-Hop magazine Back 2 Basics magazines at age nine. At first his urge meant he started to draw on everything at home. Which didn’t impress his family, including father, carver Harry (Are) Manea Karati. Onyx’s tagging expanded to the streets while walking to school. He participated in Wellington Boys & Girls Institute’s Can Control programme receiving mentorship from Wellington Street Artists. Over the years he’s learned more about the history of the graffiti movement, explored other mediums and forms of art. Recently he completed a diploma in Maori Visual Arts at Te Wanaga O Aotearoa.

Wellington Free Ambulance

133 Taranaki Street, Te Aro, Wellington

Te Aonui o Ruhia

7 Macdonald Cres, Te Aro, Wellington, New…
Te Aonui o Ruhia is a commissioned collaborative artwork by Wellington Boys’ and Girls’ Institute (BGI). For the main collaborators Onyx Karati, Leon Hohepa and Ross Davis the artwork grew organically. The mural is inspired…

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