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Wellington Boys & Girls Institute

Can Control is a group of young people aged 12 – 19yrs who have an interest in street art. Our goal is to develop a community of pro-social peers who enjoy artistic forms and encourage others on the street to do so too. We accept referrals from anyone and encourage our friends and other young people to join us. The group meets weekly during term time for workshops, which are led by youth workers alongside our resident artist. Young people also work one-on-one with our artist on a rotating roster, to fine-tune their artistic talent.

BGI has an existing network of local businesses who are frustrated with the tagging problem on their buildings, and are keen for us to turn their vandalised walls into pieces of public art (murals). We have previously painted 3 major murals (Opera House Lane and Aro Community Centre Bunker, Wellington, and South City Youth Centre, Christchurch). We hope to produce a mural in each of the school holidays during the year.

151 Cuba Street

151 Cuba Street, Te‌ Aro‌, Wellington, New…

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